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Instantly Ageless Review

Danielle Bisbano - Thursday, August 27, 2015

It is not very often that a product works so well that no matter how much you gush about it, you still won’t do it justice.  In trying to describe it to friends, words like “amazing”, “magic” and “unbelievable” flow freely from my lips and yet I feel like I fail in person to convey just how remarkable this product is.  Maybe I will do better via the written word. 

Allow me to introduce you to my new friend, and your soon-to-be BFF, Instantly Ageless. 

I am so excited to tell you all about this amazing product.  Keeping with my usual MO when it comes to life-changing beauty products, I kept quiet while I did my own “field testing” (on my face, of course).  I had heard about it from enthusiastic fans so I was naturally curious.  However, thanks to Beautycounter and my mom’s diligence with getting me on a skin care regimen REALLY early, wrinkles are not a major issue for me and that is where this product really shines.  What I was waiting for was an opportunity to try it for puffiness; the other challenge that this product was reportedly great for.  What I needed was some sort of tear-inducing emotional day that would produce puffy eyes to greet me the next morning.  Leave it to PMS to come through in the clutch!  One look in the mirror and I knew it was game on. 

Weeks before getting my Instantly Ageless sample I had purchased another product for puffy eyes from Whole Foods.  I was looking for something for my makeup kit that I could use on clients.  Again, I was waiting for a good opportunity to see how it worked.  Well, the one from Whole Foods was disappointing to say the least.  In retrospect, what could I really expect for less than six dollars?  It did nothing at all.  Well, nothing good anyway.  I don’t have sensitive skin but it made the skin around my eyes red and irritated and did zilch for puffiness.  Oh well.  At least it was cheap. 

Here is where it gets interesting.  In my disappointment about this first product, I actually forgot all about trying Instantly Ageless.  I hopped in the shower and started getting ready for my day.  After putting my makeup on and seeing how concealer was doing nothing to erase the events of the previous day, I remembered about Instantly Ageless.  I really had no desire to wash my face at this point but I didn’t know when I would have an opportunity like this to really test it out.  It would probably be another month (get it?)  So I bit the bullet, washed my face and started over.  I patted the cream lightly around my eyes and here is what happened.  Within 60 seconds I was composing an email to the distributor that I got the sample from, Susan Hogan.  You know her from the news!  I was emailing her to ask for information about becoming a consultant because, as I said in the email, “this stuff is pretty much amazing”.

And it really is.  The difference from one eye to the other was unbelievable.  I immediately went online to Google the product, knowing there must be videos about the instant effects of using it.  Sure enough, there were.  I can’t wait to create my own testimonials but for now you can check this out. Want to see more?  Just Google “Instantly Ageless” and you will find plenty more videos just like this.

A few things to know.  Instantly Ageless is a temporary fix.  It will eliminate puffiness and minimize lines and wrinkles (even pock marks from scarring) for about 5-8 hours but you can reapply it as needed, even over makeup.  It is not going to replace any of the products in your skin care routine.  It is truly unique in that way.  Another thing, I was understandably skeptical that something that works THIS well could possibly be safe and non-toxic but I was pleasantly surprised.  I researched every ingredient individually and I am comfortable in sharing this with friends, family and clients.  You know how important product safety is to me.

There are several other products in the Jeunesse Luminesce line and I did the same homework for each of them.  Though I was again pleasantly surprised how clean they really are, most have fragrance and vitamin A so you won’t see me recommending them.  I will stick with Beautycounter for my cleansers and moisturizers.  The Cellular Rejuvenating Serum, however, it as remarkable as the Instantly Ageless and completely clean and non-toxic.  It warrants its own article but feel free to contact me about it if you want more information.  The serum with the Lustro Face Oil is a power-packed double punch for your skin.  Wow.  Just wow.    

If lines and wrinkles are a concern to you, I am not sure how you are going to want to go a day without using Instantly Ageless but you could.  You could keep it for special occasions or any time you want to look and feel your absolute best.

Want to try a sample for yourself?  Email me at or text me at 401-862-3025 and I will be happy to send you a sample so you can see for yourself. 

Want to place an order?  One box of Instantly Ageless is $74.95.  You will get 50 individually wrapped sachets that are will give you 2-3 uses each.  That is less than $1.50 per sachet to look years younger.  Amazing!

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